Atlis XT: an electric pick-up with 800 km of autonomy

Front of the Atlis XT

Another new competitor from the world of has just appeared> electric SUVs : the Atlis XT . A concept of the pick-up type that, in addition to its avant-garde design, promises exceptional autonomy and performance.

The company that created this vehicle It's Atlis Motor Vehicles. A brand that was founded in 2016 with much less hype and cymbal than other companies dedicated to electric cars. On the contrary that happens with saloons and SUVs, the electric SUV market is practically virgin . With just a few raids like Bollinger B1. That is why brands like this one are rushing to benefit from the advantages of being first.

The possibilities of the Atlis XT

The Atlis XT is built on a modular platform made to measure , prepared for house independent motors for each wheel. This platform can also be configured to equip different suspension systems, four-wheel steering and even a third axis.

Platform of the Atlis XT

Atlis has not published the specifications of the electric motors and batteries. But it says that the XT will be offered in three versions with different autonomies : 482 km, 643 km or 804 km. Depending on the capacity of the battery and engines, the towing capacity will vary between 2,267 kg and 9,071 kg. The payload will also be different depending on the version, and will move between 453 kg and 2,267 kg.

Still with 'concept' dyes

The Atlis XT is also worthy of mention for other reasons. For example, use side cameras instead of traditional mirrors and, according to its makers, offer level 5 autonomous driving . Inside, it will come equipped with a large central touch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

To ensure that owners can easily upload their Atlis XT, the brand intends to develop its own High speed charging network , with a 15 minute recharge time. Being an American company, it will only be available in that country. Your prices start at $ 45,000. According to those responsible for this pick-up, should reach the market in 2020 .

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