Audi RS5 ABT: a discreet preparation until the engine is started

Rear of the Audi RS5 ABT

As most drivers will only see the rear of this Audi RS5 Coupé , ABT Sportsline has concentrated its efforts in this area. Jokes aside, the German coach has only added a few details to give an aggressive touch, but where are the most important changes in the engine.

This Audi RS5 modified by ABT

strong> only has a duck-type wing made of carbon fiber and covered in shiny black exhaust pipes with a diameter of 10.2 cm. However, if an expert eye takes a look under the hood you will find much more relevant changes.

The new performance of the Audi RS5 ABT

The 2.9-liter V6 engine with double turbo of the Audi RS5 ABT increases its power up to 530 HP and 690 Nm of torque. Which means an increase of 80 HP and 90 Nm with respect to a unit of series. As usual, ABT maintains that the modifications do not alter the reliability or the life of the motor. An affirmation that is based on the fact that not only the electronics have been modified to demand more from the engine.

Escape from the Audi RS5 ABT

Changes in the mechanics of the Audi RS5 ABT

As is normal in all preparations made by ABT, this RS5 has a control unit that radically modifies its electronics. But so that its mechanics endure the greater demand to which it is going to be subjected, it also has a new radiator with more cooling capacity, a higher air intake and an exhaust system in line with the changes.

Although this preparation kit is one of the most discreet of the brand. Anyone who is interested has the remaining modifications offered by ABT available to them. These are for example an improved suspension, 21-inch wheels, a body kit and several interior upgrades.

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