Elon Musk insinuates that the Tesla Roadster will fly thanks to its propellers

Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package

Elon Musk is known for Your extravagant ads through Twitter . The funny thing is that, however crazy their affirmations may be, many of them have become reality. The one we bring you this time takes the cake, because the former CEO has compared the Tesla Roadster with the Delorean flying Back to the Future.

Although many media have echoed this statement referring to the Tesla Roadster as a car capable of flying, Musk does not have to mean that the production car will do such a thing. There is no country that allows this in its circulation regulations, and if there is one, it is simply because it has no regulations. However, he does speak of a serious collaboration with aerospace company SpaceX , of which he remains CEO. The result will be a supercar supported by a cold gas propulsion system , which would be able to "accelerate to the limits of human resistance".

Tesla Roadster with the SpaceX Package

Tesla Roadster accelerating

The name of this system would be Package SpaceX and would be part of optional Tesla Roadster equipment . With him he would have no problem in overcoming the incredible benefits that Musk announced on the dates close to his presentation: 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h) in just 1.9 seconds and more than 400 km of maximum speed. In addition, to become a reality explain the repeated ridicule of the employer to the disbelief of many followers. According to him these numbers are only the "basic specifications" , so there could be even more capable versions.

The commotion on Twitter about the Flying Roadster

Initially, the former CEO of Tesla referred to these thrusters as a "drastic improvement in acceleration, maximum speed, braking and capacity in curves ", although he also added that" maybe they would allow a Tesla to fly ". The doubt about the reality of this comment comes from that it is about components that have their origin in the aerospace sector . So it would not be weird if they could lift a lot of weight.

The system is actually the equivalent to the engines of a miniature rocket , with the difference that in Instead of expelling a huge flare at thousands of degrees of temperature, it only emits gas at a low temperature. One more point in its favor in terms of the credibility of its use outside of a launching pad. As usual, the Tuit de Musk raised a wave of reactions of the most varied. Although always accompanied by the support of his followers.

Now, in response to a GIF in the one that appears the car of Return to the Future, Musk said that "the new Roadster will be able to do something similar to this". Which raised new suspicions that he was joking. However, he himself wanted to clarify that he does not stop with any joke and described it as a gas propulsion system, which will be located behind the two front seats of the car.It would not be the first collaboration with SpaceX in which the Roadster is the protagonist.

How Tesla Roadster thrusters will work

responsible for Tesla already described above the operation of this device in the middle of last year. In principle they will be 10 propellers that will need the space of the rear seats to be located within the Tesla Roadster. So the car will lose part of its functionality if the SpaceX Package is chosen. This high number of thrusters is due to the fact that they will be used to improve acceleration, braking and curve behavior through gas discharges.

Although the vehicle will be moved by gas, the Roadster will continue to be considered 100% electric , given that it is their own batteries that recharge the rockets by means of an electric motor. So far it is not known what the energy cost in kW will be, but its objective is mainly to improve the performance of Tesla's future car, not that of energy savings. It is also not known how much extra power it will provide to this sports car, but it should not be small, since they do not recommend its use in urban environments .

 Tesla Roadster and the thrusters of the SpaceX Package

The arrival of the Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster will hit the market in 2020 and aims to be the fastest production sports car on the market. The brand accepts reserves of the basic version of $ 200,000 provided there is a deposit of $ 50,000. To reserve the Founders Series version, which costs 250,000 dollars, you have to anticipate the full price.

The Tesla Roadster is one of the cars electrical appliances most expected in recent times . An expectation that not only comes from its impressive features, but the media hype that has been the subject. A good example of this is its launch to space by SpaceX in February last year. You may be interested