Goodbye to the Model S and X 'cheap', Tesla will not manufacture more batteries of 75 kWh for these models

Tesla stops making the batteries on 75 D

Starting next week, Tesla is going to stop making its 75 kWh battery pack for the Model S and X. This will significantly increase the base price of these two cars of the brand. This measure continues with the cuts in its range, which already began with the disappearance of the access versions called 60D.

Tesla introduced the 75 kWh batteries for the Model S and Model X in 2016. Now, little more than two years later, Elon Musk has announced his disappearance for these models , and more importantly, without announcing any replacement for the time being. The former CEO wrote on Twitter that those interested in version 75D have until Sunday night to order the vehicle.

The prices of the 75D in Spain

Unless new changes are announced, this would result in the disappearance of the cheapest model within the range of the Model S and X. The price of the Model S 75D in Spain is 100.132 euros, while the next that would be on the list would be the 100D with a price of 120,188 euros.

Tesla gives a deadline to order the last 75 D

In the case of the Model X, the 75D that will disappear currently has a price of 107,021 euros. So it will be as access to the 100D range with a price of 124,011 euros. Tesla did not want to comment on this change, beyond saying that will soon make more modifications in the range of their vehicles.

Upcoming changes in Tesla

Possibly these future changes have to do with Musk's intention to move away from categorizing batteries by kWh . Something they already did with the Model 3, which they announced simply with a "long-range" battery pack and a "medium-range" battery pack. In addition, last week, the automaker reduced the prices of all its cars in the US , to compensate for the elimination of aid to electric cars that is occurring in that country.

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