Mercedes-Benz CLA becomes official, and will hit the market in May

Mercedes CLA lateral

Mercedes has taken advantage of the CES of Las Vegas 2019 to discover the world the second generation of Mercedes-Benz CLA . Yes, this event is not about cars, but about technology, but more and more manufacturers are turning to it for the launching of many of their products. Anyway, what do you think of the new Mercedes CLA?

Nobody can doubt the success of the first generation of the CLA, a model that despite not having decent qualities of a car of the signature of the star, to offer a more than just interior space and not too much practicality, contributed a lot to lower the age of the average customer of the brand and to bring new buyers. But hey, said the above, we are going to really important.

A risky design for being very similar to Class A Sedan

Mercedes CLA front profile

Yesterday some images of the model were filtered and, in this other article, we talked of the great resemblance to the Mercedes Class A Sedan . The main forms of the body are very even, which does not end to convince me, although it is true that the new Mercedes CLA Coupé conveys a greater expression of dynamism. Something similar happens to what we saw a few months ago with the new CLS and AMG GT 4 Doors.

To distinguish them for sure we can look at their front optics, the longitudinal double ribs that appear on the hood, in the largest arched shape of the side windows at the top and in a back practically traced to the luxurious Mercedes CLS. In the rear is where it differs most from Class A Sedan.

Mercedes CLA rear corner

The exterior dimensions of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA are 4,688 mm long, 1,830 wide, 1,439 high and a battle of 2,729 mm. With respect to the previous model it grows 48 mm in length, 53 in width and 30 mm in the battle, being practically equal of high. The capacity of the trunk is now 460 liters , being 10 liters higher in the previous model.

Interior known, with the MBUX system

Mercedes CLA inteiror

As usual in the most recent additions to the German firm, the interior is chaired by the double screen main large and high quality. They also highlight the multiple aerators with backlighting that allow to modify the ambient light depending on tastes and moods. Again, very similar to Class A. There is no lack of the Mercedes MBUX system , which increasingly learns more and is smarter.


Mercedes CLA

Still not much is known about the mechanical offer of the new Mercedes CLA. The car company has been limited to say that the model present in Las Vegas uses the Mercedes CLA 250 version, with a powerful four-cylinder gasoline engine and turbocharging that develops 225 HP and 350 Nm .They have increased both the wheelbase and the track width in the front and rear trains, so the center of gravity is downgraded even more.

 front Mercedes CLA

On the other hand, the stabilizer bars have increased their thickness, which contributes to reduce the inclinations of the body. They also highlight the specific tare direction or the front hydraulic supports. Optionally you can count on an active suspension system that will vary the taring of the same depending on the selected operating mode and driving. The range of tires reaches 19 inches.

To finish, the Mercedes CLA of previous generation stood out for having a aerodynamic coefficient very low, which helps reduce fuel consumption and It has also transmitted a greater sense of quality due to the lower acoustic impact of the air at high speed.