Opel Zafira Life, the van for passengers in sizes S, M and L

Opel Zafira Life dynamic

Twenty years ago, the first generation of the Opel Zafira was on the market , being one of the monovolumes of average size and with seven squares of the market. With the arrival of Opel to PSA, the brand has followed the easy line and created the new Opel Zafira Life , a passenger van.

The truth is that we must explain it more carefully. The German brand, now belonging to PSA, launches this Opel Zafira Life as successor to the previous Opel Vivaro , developed together with Renault Trafic. Basically what they have done is to take advantage of the high level achieved by the Zafira denomination during these two decades and thus resort to that commercial pull.

This model will be presented on January 18 in the Salon of the Brussels Automobile , although the first units will take a few weeks to reach the dealerships. In addition, the German lightning firm announces that in 2021 an all-electric Opel Zafira Life will arrive .

Aesthetics recognized

Opel Zafira Life rear profile

Many features of this new Opel Zafira Life may sound to you. As Opel now belongs to the French group PSA, the brand launches this van that is the twin sister of the Citroën SpaceTourer, Peugeot Traveler and Toyota Proace Verso models. Therefore, they share technique, chassis and engines , their equipment and interior qualities are very similar, although there are differences.

The most obvious changes on the aesthetic level of the exterior are seen in the front. The Opel Zafira Life introduces its particular look , with optics, grille and bumpers characteristic of the model. For the rest, in the side view, with a sliding door on each side that can be electrically operated, we can only differentiate it by the design of the rims and hubcaps. In the back something similar happens, only identifying it by the Opel logo and the inscription of the model on the left side.

Meanwhile, in the passenger compartment we find pieces, panels and elements previously seen, such as when we tested the Toyota Proace Verso just a couple of months ago. The instrument panel, the central screen, the rotary knob for the gear lever, the double glove box ... everything is common with the other three models mentioned above.

Three sizes different: S, M and L

Opel Zafira Life side door

Like its Citroën, Peugeot and Toyota brothers, the Opel Zafira Life is available with three bodies of different length and size. In this case, depending on the size, as if it were clothing sizes, they have been designated as "S", "M" and "L".

Size Total length Battle
Size Total length Battle
S 4.60 meters 2.93 meters
M 4.95 meters 3.28 meters
L 5.30 meters 3.28 meters

All of them can have interiors of five, six, seven, eight and nine seats .Among other things, it incorporates front seats with massage and heating, four individual and leather seats and swivels with wide stools, folding mobile table and plug.

Security equipment typical of a tourist

Interior Opel Zafira Life

One of The most important details of the Opel Zafira Life is that safety , as it has a large number of unusual elements in vehicles of this category. Like a passenger car, the new Opel passenger van offers automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance assistant and automatic high beam lights, among others.

There is no lack of a Head-Up Display system, parking sensors or reversing camera of 180 degrees on the 7-inch screen . In this same screen, in addition, we can have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and browser with information about traffic in real time. For the most gourmets, an audio team with 10 speakers puts the icing on the cake.

At the moment, this is all we can tell you about this new Opel Zafira Life. Its motorizations have not yet been fully reported, but a traction system will be available to improve the motility on slippery surfaces, called " IntelliGrip ", as well as a version that uses a system of 4 × 4 traction .

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