The Subaru Forester is updated: goodbye to diesel and hello to the ECO label

Subaru Forester

Seeing the big change in sales trend in vehicles over fuel used, it is not surprising that many companies and models are leaving aside diesel engines . Subaru already did it last year with the new XV, and now it does the same with the Subaru Forester when updating it.

Yes, the Subaru Forester is updated strong> slightly, incorporating slight aesthetic changes that will give it a new commercial boost, improving its equipment and adding a new gasoline version adapted for LPG with which the Japanese model gets the precious ECO tag .

New look? Better say new makeup

The aesthetic changes are not deep , rather it is some fine modifications. Now it incorporates the most sporty front in all the variants, that previously was only in the top finish of the range, the Executive Plus. To this we must add the use of new moldings in the wheel arches to increase that appearance of all terrain.

It also adds a Sport version of access to the range but with all the safety equipment as standard.
 Subaru Forester rear

Meanwhile, in the passenger compartment some moldings of the panel have been revised instruments, as well as a new material in the floor of the trunk that guarantees greater durability for being water repellent.

Only a mechanical version, saying "bye bye" to the diesel engines

As mentioned above, this update does not allow the use of diesel engines , leaving the mechanical offer with a single mechanical version . Now, the Subaru Forester is only available with the 2.0i gasoline engine . It is an atmospheric boxer engine of 1,995 cc that develops its maximum power of 150 hp at 6,200 laps, and a maximum torque of 198 Nm to 4,200.

It is compulsory associated with Lineartronic automatic brand and permanent Symmetrical AWD traction, so do not look for a manual gearbox or a simple traction system. The combined consumption according to the new WLTP cycle is 8.8 l/100 km .

One thing to keep in mind is that the new Forester has a variant adapted to LPG in each finishing level, being able to work with both fuels. In addition to the lower cost per use, due to the lower price of LPG compared to gasoline, the advantages in regulated parking areas must be taken into account, as well as the access to large cities when the protocols of anti-pollution are activated. The extra cost of LPG versions is 1,750 euros .

Great security provision

Subaru EyeSight System

The reason why the Subaru Forester only equips the Lineartronic automatic transmission is safety. Do I make myself clear. All Foresters in our market will equip the full Active Safety and EyeSight driving assistants system.The Sport Plus finish starts at 30,450 euros, while the top end, the Executive finish, starts at 33,150 euros.

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